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eve auto


Quick, Powerful, Flexible

eve auto is automated transport service, not requiring any construction, having towing capacity up to 1,500kg, and available indoor & outdoor.
Route edit, operation support, maintenance for hardware & software are included in all-in-one package.
We practically advise and support for smooth implementation and safer operation based on our many experiences to various industries.

Implementation support

We offer optimized and practical operation based on our experiences and know-how.

Operation support

We propose the best operation for your environment with fleet management system and mapping service.

Autonomous EV

We provide a small EV with 1.5 tons of towing capacity and strong runnability against slopes up to 7°(12%) and gaps up to 3cm.

Maintenance service

Not only periodic maintenance of the vehicle, but software update is also included in subscription.
You can always use the latest system.

System cooperation with external system

"eve auto connect" enables system cooperation with the existing infrastructures and external system through Web API.

Please contact us.

Easy implementation, without any construction

You can implement quickly and smoothly from select of the route to implementation.

Route design
Data collection
Operation start

01We ask your troubles and worries.

It is easy to change the route after implementaion.
We propose the countermeasures in advance for expected challenges and concerns based on our experiences.

02We visit on site.

We collect the point cloud data at your site and create 3D map.
It is not necessary to prepare anything on your side.
We create the route map (vector map) based on the result of data collection in line with customer's request.

03You see autonomous driving demo.

You can adjust the route and parking area after checking the demo at your site.
You can ask additional requests at this timing according to the changes at your site after Step 2.

04Let's start operation.

We offer lectures and trainings for free about how to use if you request.
Maintenance and update is always available.

More about eve auto

Trial Plan eve auto one

We offer Trial Plan to test quickly before official implementation.
This plan contains 1 day demo of autonomous driving after preparation for 3 days (1 day for data collection + 2 days for test drive).
3D Map data for this demo can be used for official implementation as well.

With the trial, you can...

  • Test the running performance of autonomous EV
  • Check how to change the route on fleet management system
  • See the detection performance of people and vehicles through setting of detection area
Company E
Company E
  • * It was so impressive to do autonomous driving within the same day we received the EV.
  • * It is very useful to set detection area on the map and also it is attractive to use fleet management system without any additional cost.
Company K
Company K
  • * It helped us understand well the process to implementation.
    And it was good to clarify the challenges at site before official implementation.
  • * It seems like that autonomous driving is much safer than the forklifts operated by staffs.
Company I
Company I
  • * It was so impressive to see the smooth autonomous driving at the beginning of the first day.
  • * We would like to study further such as designing the parking lot on the street for official implementation.
  • * We're dreaming the future when these autonomous vehicles running around our factory.

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