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eve auto® to be Exhibited at MODEX 2024, North America’s Largest Manufacturing and Distribution Trade Show in Atlanta, USA

eve autonomy, Inc. will be exhibiting at MODEX 2024, North America’s largest trade show for the supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution industries, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atalanta, USA, from Monday, March 11 to Thursday, March 14, and will display actual automated vehicles from our main solution, eve auto® service.

Exhibition of “eve auto” unmanned transport service for outdoor use

eve autonomy provides “eve auto,” a solution for manufacturing factories and logistics facilities that enables the installation of unmanned conveyor systems without any construction work, mainly outdoors.

Outdoor environments require operation in more severe conditions than indoor environments, such as rain and sunlight, in addition to road surface conditions such as uneven roadar and slopes.

eve auto utilizes the vehicle technology of golf carts, which are used throughout Japan due to their high reliability, and the most advanced automatic driving technology, which is also used on public roads.

【Specifications of the self-driving vehicle】

Service name/Vehicleeve auto/FG-01
Tow/Load wight1,500kg/300kg
Drive/BatteryDC motors/LiB
Max speed19km/h with drivers、10km/h without drivers
Max slope6.8deg(12%) loading 300kg at autonomous driving
Safety functionsStop by obstacle detection with LiDAR, bumper sensor, emergency switch
Autonomous drivingAutonomous driving level 4 (automated driving, crossing, turning left/right, Pause by obstacle detection
Management functionsFleet management system:Cloud system available for PCs and tablets
Travel route setting, station setting, status monitoring, travel start/stop control
Facility connecting
eve auto connect : Bluetooth communication device to realize automatic shutter linkage, traffic light linkage, patrol lamp linkage, etc.

・eve auto service:https://eveautonomy.com/service

・Case study:https://eveautonomy.com/casestudy

It has achieved Level 4 unmanned transport operation in outdoor environments such as factories, even in the rain or at night, so it can be operated in facilities that require 24-hour operation.

【Exhibition hall】

Exhibition      :MODEX2024 https://www.modexshow.com/

Place       :Georgia World Congress Center in Atalanta, USA

Date         :from Monday, March 11 to Thursday, March 14

Booth     :Building A, Level 1 — A12714

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