eve autonomy




Features of eve auto

No Construction. Easy Operation.

No need for guide setting work

The system uses autonomous driving technology, eliminating the need for construction work, and can be operational in as little as one week. Routes can be easily set up after a site visit.

Easy operation & Management via PC/tablet

Easily change routes and manage vehicle status via web browser. Simple operation also improves work efficiency.

Bumps, Ramps, Rain or Night - All Welcome and Tows up to 1.5 tons.

Stable conveying power outdoors

Because eve auto’s vehicles are built using golf car technology, the vehicles are sturdy and reliable, and can move stably in a variety of outdoor environments, including bumps, ramps, rain, and at night.

Maximum towing capacity of 1.5 tons even on roads with bumps/ramps

Despite the compact body, 300 kg payload capacity and 1.5 ton towing weight are realized. Our vehicle can effortlessly transport heavy loads over long distances and support outdoor labor loads. *Ramps: max. 7 degrees, Bumps: ±30 mm Lower environment

Flexible Route Changes. 24-Hour Operations.

Flexible route change

Routes can be easily changed or additionally modified online by using various management tools. In addition, stop line locations, driving speeds, and detection areas can be easily added and changed.

24h operation
with replaceable battery

The vehicle’s batteries are replaceable, allowing it to work 24 hours a day, increasing operational flexibility.
*replacement battery is optional.

Communicates with the
facility to enable smart operations

Promotes automation of the entire job site by linking with equipment in the customer’s environment, such as patrol lamps, shutters, and traffic signals.

3 Features of “eve auto”

Here is an easy-to-understand video showing why “eve auto” is chosen.


Here is an easy-to-understand video showing why “eve auto” is chosen.



Vehicle’s Safety Functions

  • Top LiDAR

    By detecting object of 360-degree field of view, the vehicle estimates the position of itself.

  • Front LiDAR

    Object detection is performed with a 180-degree field of view.

  • Loudspeaker

    The vehicle runs with voice announcements of its movements.

  • Bumper Switch

    If an object makes impact with the bumper, the vehicle will come to a stop.

  • Driving direction indicator

    A green light is illuminated for the direction of travel to be illuminated on the ground.

  • Headlights

    Increase the visibility of the vehicle from the outside.


  • Emergency stop switches

    Regardless of the driving instructions set online, the vehicle can be stopped with a physical button.

  • Direction blinker

    Flashes when turning right or left to notify the surrounding area of the vehicle’s direction of motion.

  • Reflector

    Increase visibility from the rear.

  • Brake light

    A red light illuminates during deceleration to notify vehicles behind.

Four lasers detect surrounding obstacles

Monitoring range by laser sensor

Three front LiDARs installed on the front of the vehicle provide a
180-degree forward view, and a top LiDAR installed on the vehicle roof
provides a 360-degree view, detects obstacles, and stops the vehicle.