eve autonomy

Improving safety

Improved safety through automated transport in a distribution warehouse with heavy truck traffic


Japan Logistic Systems Corp., Ageo Center

Customer’s requests

  • We want to automate dangerous work.
  • We want to automate safe transport on a site where large trucks come and go.

eve autonomy’s solutions

By automating the hazardous task of transferring goods between warehouses in areas where trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles come and go, we have been able to create a safer work environment. eve auto has made safe and efficient transfers a reality.

Customer’s comments

We have a distribution center on a vast area of land. Among the goods we handle, hazardous materials need to be stored in a separate warehouse, and we have traditionally used manned forklifts to transport them, but we wanted an automated solution for safer and more efficient transport. In this context, we introduced eve auto, which has a short installation time and can automate the transport of goods not only indoors but also outdoors. As a result, we are able to use the system as expected, even with large trucks frequently entering and leaving the site. It is easy to operate and change settings, and any questions are handled with care. Since Insurance is also included in the service, we can have peace of mind.