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A Panasonic Group Company Introduces Indoor and Outdoor Automated Transportation powered by “eve auto”

Tokyo, September 28, 2022— eve autonomy, a leading autonomous transportation company, has introduced and begun operation of the “eve auto”, an all-in-one automated transport service, at the cold chain factory at Oizumi area, a Panasonic Group company specialized in the manufacture of commercial air conditioning equipment and food-related equipment. This service automates indoor and outdoor transportation of parts, including between buildings, which were previously transported by forklifts.

“eve auto" automatically transfers parts between factory buildings (outdoors)

At the factory, refrigeration equipment such as commercial refrigerators, refrigerated/frozen showcases, and beverage dispensers, which are widely used in supermarkets and restaurants, are manufactured. Some factory buildings are separated depending on the manufacturing process, so many manned forklifts and trucks are used to transport components across multiple buildings. There has long been a need to automate the transfer of parts between buildings. In addition, external factors such as process changes, the demolition of aging buildings and new constructions can change the transfer route at any time, making the construction period and cost of conventional automatic transfer systems an issue to be addressed.

Stable indoor transportation

Because "eve auto" is based on a land vehicle designed for outdoor use and an autonomous driving system, it can operate stably even under rainy conditions or on uneven road surfaces. With a map editing tool, customers can modify its transport route and traffic rules as the surrounding conditions change. In this case, by replacing the forklift transportation with towing by "eve auto," the factory is able to reduce the risk of large and heavy parts, such as refrigerated/frozen showcase panels, falling off during transportation.

About eve auto

“eve auto” is an automated transport service consisting of a newly designed and developed compact EV, customer success support and maintenance services and insurance in a single package. It is designed to meet the needs for automated transport in enclosed areas, including indoor and outdoor environments. With state-of-the-art autonomous driving technology, the service can be operational in as little as one week. eve autonomy plans to officially launch “eve auto” as a commercial service later this year (2022).

About eve autonomy

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