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eve autonomy joined the Autoware Foundation and implemented Cargo Delivery ODD demo

eve autonomy, an autonomous transportation service provider, joined “The Autoware Foundation” (AWF) which is an international organization aspiring to set the standard of autonomous driving technology.

AWF was established jointly by Tier IV, Apex.AI and Linaro, aiming to be a de facto standard for autonomous driving technology. eve autonomy joined AWF at the INDUSTRY & GOVERNMENT membership level.

eve autonomy will launch the automated transportation service “eve auto” from July 2022. eve auto comprises “Autoware”, an open-source autonomous driving OS provided by AWF, and an EV which has been newly designed and developed based on vehicle body development technology provided by Yamaha Motor Corporation. eve autonomy has shared its experience and practical knowledge from daily operation and test-run results at multiple factories and plants, including factories at Yamaha Motor Corporation, with AWF through Tier IV. In addition, eve autonomy implemented the demo of Cargo Delivery ODD (Operational Design Domain) before joining AWF.

With AWF and its global partners, eve autonomy promotes and contributes to the further development of Autoware through its autonomous transportation service.

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